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Product description: Calcium Carbonate is a mineral which is necessary for many normal functions of the body and is used to prevent and to treat calcium deficiencies.
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Calcium Carbonate as known as: D-calcium, Apo-cal, Ossofortin, Calcii carbonas, Deltacal, Vita calcea, Calcifil, Pms-calcium, Calciform, Carbosint, Calcigol plain, Cacit, Cal d vita, Oral-z, Calcitab, Apocal, Didrocal, Didronel pmo, Calos, Idracal, Cald 3, Metocal, Magnesie plus, Cal-aid, Carbo d3, D vital, Mastical, Ipical, Rocal, Ostocavid, Alcamex, Antacid, Novalucol, Calcicold3, Os-cal, Strongcal, Calsan, Calbon, Isocal, Ossopulvit, Osteoplus, Cavid, Calci-gry, Cal-plus, Carbonato de calcio, Ideos, Cavida, Calcitugg, Métocalcium, Calci-mix, Calnat, Oystercal, Titralac, Calcidose, Calcidoc, Calcar, Nephro-calci, Calkid, Calci-aid, Body calcium, Adcal, Mubonet, Calci-d, Calcidon, Calcefor, Ospur ca, Myocal, Ultracalcium, Cal-sup, Vicalvit d, Elgydium, Calprimum, Calcional, Calcimed, Caljuven, Calma, Biocalcium, Ripreston, Cimascal, Caldical, Calciaps d3, Disnal, Veriscal d, Calcion, Calciprat, Calcarb, Calfor, Eptavit, Ostram, Biolectra calcium, Calcioplex, Tumy, Calmet, Calcicare-d3, Ostocal, Calciton, Maxbon, Caldoral, Sandocal, Calcigen, Steovit, Rejuven, Caltan, Lubical, Protebon, Canta, Calcite, Calciumcarbonat, Calcimagon, Megacal, Calperos, Calcos vitamine d3, Bonacal, Ostine, Calodis, Mycal, Carbonato calcico, Orthocal, Bonesil d flas, Pluscal, Ditrost, Calcicar, Natecal, Kalcipos, Caldil, Osteomin, Recalvit, Calci-tab, Calcipiryna, Calcium, Frutical, Mylanta, Kalcijev karbonat, Gaviscon, Sanidecal, Edical, Calcin, Calcilac, Dioflam, Costin, Cal-de-granulat, Calciu masticabil, Rennie, Steocar, Orotre, Kalaz d3, Didrokit, Dolomit vis, Tzarevet, Dreisacarb, Ostogen, Acidor, Calvidin, Mallamint, Calceos, Osteocal, Calcidia, Calcit, Remegel, Calcicarb, Adiecal, Calpo, Levucal, Caprimida, Calporosis, Oracal, Aristocal, Carbocal, Calcidina, Calcio carbonato, Maxi-kalz, Uvasal, Cadtre, Orbical, Calciodie, Caosina, Calcimore, Osséans d3, Caltrate, Chooz, Calcial d, Calcio, Malugel, Calcifar, Vical calcio, Kalcidon, Tankaru, Tums, Raffo-ca, Calbo, Calcioral, Calcivorin, Acical, Oscal, Cc-nefro, Pérical, Vitacalcin, Jasocal, Kalcijum karbonat, Calcii carbonatis, Calcigran, Procala, Elcal, Cartaretin, Fixical, Calcivit d, Alka-mints, Liqui-cal, Optinate combi, Calcifast, Orocal, Savecal, Foscalvit, Bonec, Densical, Maalox

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