Betapace (Sotalol)
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Product description: Betapace is a beta-blocker which is prescribed for treating atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter and other types of irregular heart rhythms.
Active Ingredient: Sotalol
Betapace as known as: Darob mite, Sotapor, Sotabeta, Rytmobeta, Cardol, Sotalex, Biosotal, Pms-sotalol, Darob, Talozin, Sotacor, Sota-puren, Jutalex, Sorine, Solavert, Hipecor, Sotagamma, Sotanorm, Sotamed, Beta-cardone, Sotahexal, Sotalin, Sotamerck, Sotalolo, Rentibloc, Sotastad, Sota-saar, Sotoger, Sotalolum

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